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Terms of Sale

All the products, that can be seen in this site, are available only through direct sale. 

Following the purchase of our component, you will receive, directly from the manufacturer, all necessary information on how it is to be used and its interfacing.

By excluding the various intermediaries required for shop sales, selling directly to the public significantly lowers the final price. In fact, the conventional mode of sale, at least in the audio sector, leads to a two- to four-fold mushrooming of the initial sale price of the product.

Among the other advantages, you can receive the product directly in your own home: no need to travel far and wide as our passion often forces us to do. To this we must add the fact that the shops do not always have all the units available for testing and that the listening sessions can only take place within the shop, in an environment and with a reproduction chain we do not know. In fact, it is often impossible to try out the component you wish to purchase directly in your home.

Purchasing one of our products enables you to test it at will for two weeks; after this time has elapsed, you can return it and get your money back. During the test period, you are free to compare it with the units owned by your friends or those in the shops you usually go to.

 How to purchase

First of all, anyone interested in making a purchase must contact us by mail, e-mail or telephone (see the pertinent address and number on the home page) to receive information on the availability, of the item requested, and any delays that may be necessary.

When the item is available, you will be notified and, if you are still interested, you can make payment by bank transfer.

You will receive delivery by courier, directly at your home, within a few days.

From this moment, you have two weeks to test out the product. Within this period you can exercise your right to rescind and return the unit, without having to justify this decision.

How to withdraw

As for the order, to withdraw you must communicate this decision by e-mail or telephone.

The unit must be packed in its original packaging. We will send the courier to your home to pick up the goods.

The amount paid at the time of the order, less the shipping costs will be immediately returned as soon as we have received the goods.

Please request a quote, for shipping costs if you withdraw, because they are depending on destination.


Through 2010, anyone requesting a NIA1 amplifier a NCD1 or NCD2 CD player can obtain our S100 power supply cable (1.5m long, market value 100 Euro) free of charge. Therefore, you can keep this cable, supplied with the unit, even if you return the unit.



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